Why You Might Require An Ultrasound Sonography Of The Breast

Most women have to take the breast ultrasound imaging test at some point in their lives. This is because this test can help the doctor confirm if there is something to worry about or not.

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Many people have the impression that the purpose of an ultrasound sonography of the breast is to confirm the presence of a cancerous growth. This is not always the case because this test gives information that may not have anything to do with breast cancer. If you are searching for "breast ultrasound near me", it follows that you need an expert to carry out this test. You can start your search by asking people in your area to recommend a reputable lab where you can get this test done. Once you have found the right laboratory, you can simply schedule the date and time for the test so that everything goes off smoothly. Below are some things you should know about the breast ultrasound procedure. 
How It WorksUltrasound imaging of the breast produces clear images of the internal tissues and structures of the breast. These images are produced by sound waves and this is why it is called ultrasound imaging or an ultrasound scan.  This procedures is vital because it is used to diagnose breast lumps, cancerous growths and other abnormalities. The good thing about this procedure is that it is non-invasive. it is very safe and it does not use radiation. 
Preparing For An Ultrasound Sonography of the BreastIf you want to get this done, you do not need any elaborate preparations. Just wear lose and comfortable clothing and leave your jewelry at home. If you are wearing rings, bangles and other metallic materials, the sonographer will tell you to take them off before the procedure begins. In addition, you should not wear glasses or have your mobile phone in our pocket during this procedure. All these things may interfere with the test.  In some cases, you will strip to the waist before the procedure. In other cases, the sonographer might give you a loose hospital gown to wear during the procedure. Do not argue if you are given any of these instructions because it is in your best interest. 
What the Sonographer Does for YouThe ultrasound scan is usually carried out by a trained and experienced sonographer. This expert sets up the equipment and gets to work as soon as you are ready for the procedure.  The equipment in question is simply  a video monitor, a computer console and a small hand-held device called a  transducer. The transducer looks like a microphone but it has nothing o do with a microphone in its functions. The sonographer applies a bit of gel to the breast and surrounding areas. By applying the transducer to the gel,  sound waves travel back and forth between the device and the area that is being examined. In addition this procedure sends clear images to the video monitor. From the images, the sonographer can tell if there is anything wrong with the breasts or not. 
Final WordThe result from this procedure is usually printed out and given to the patient. This result is analyzed and interpreted by the doctor. If further tests are required, the medical expert will recommend and insist that these tests are carried out without delay.